Who are we?

Mansfield Advocates for Children (MAC) is an Early Childhood Collaborative made up of:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Early Childhood Experts
  • Town Leadership
  • Community members invested in the well being of children birth through eight years old in Mansfield, CT.

MAC also proudly serves as an advisory council to the Mansfield Town Council on issues of early childhood, and as the Mansfield School Readiness Council.

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What have we done so far?

As a collaborative, MAC has created connections and partnerships that didn’t exist before.

  • Public school and private school educators and administrators are now working together on shared initiatives and a common agenda.
  • Directors of private child care centers are connected to each other through the work of MAC.
  • Home care providers are supported in efforts to improve the quality of care in Mansfield.
  • Parents and families have a community-based collaborative partner and an organized hub for resources, information, and early childhood advocacy

MAC has supported and coordinated many programs and opportunities for Mansfield families. Some examples include:

  • Distributing JOY tickets (Jorgensen Outreach for Youth) to local children;
  • Hosting Book Buddies, a mentoring reading program;
  • Offering Conversation Club activities for young English Language Learners;
  • Presenting summer learning opportunities to teach kids about archaeology and geology;
  • Hosting Raising Readers parent education classes to improve children’s literacy;
  • Supporting the EHHD initiative 95210, which promotes healthy habits for children and families;
  • Supporting the story kit project at the public library;
  • Sponsoring the One Book Project in conjunction with local preschools and the public library;
  • Facilitating a Community Conversation to discuss issues important to parents in Mansfield;
  • Organizing yearly 5k fun runs for children and their families;
  • Playing a central role in the effort to create full day kindergarten in Mansfield.

These additional established partnerships make it possible to reach out to more families throughout Mansfield, than could otherwise be possible:

  • Eastern Highlands Health District (EHHD)
  • UConn Work-Life Committee
  • UConn Child Development Faculty and Staff
  • Mansfield Human Services
  • Mansfield Public Library
  • Joshua’s Trust Land Trust



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We’ve built a playground!

MAC has created a highly accessible, community-built playground in Mansfield. For the past several years the MAC playground committee has worked tirelessly and raised over $500,000 to make this plan a reality.

This project had three goals:

  • To create a space for children and families to engage in healthy outdoor play
  • To create a space for families to meet and build lifelong relationships
  • To provide Mansfield with a large scale community service project that will allow residents to work together and create bonds that will last a lifetime

On October 10 and 11, 2015 over 150 members of the Mansfield community came together, volunteered their time, and helped to build the new playground behind the Mansfield Community Center. Our deepest thanks to all those who volunteered their time and to those who donated for our volunteers.

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