All parents have lots of questions and lots of answers about a wide variety of issues. Below are some frequently asked question and answers generated by Mansfield parents. If you have additional questions you would like addressed, or additional answers you would like to share, contact us!

Where can I meet other moms/dads/families?

Is my child developing like other children?Mother holding a baby in an examination room

How do I know if my child has special needs?

Where do I go to find out about services and programs available in the town for families with financial needs?

Are there preschool playgroups in town? Where do I find out about them?

What resources are there for OT/Speech therapy etc.?

Does Mansfield bus preschool and kindergarten children?Child getting on a school bus

Is there childcare available during town council meetings?

  • NO- if you’re interested in making this happen, please contact the Town Clerk (townclerk@mansfieldct.org) or MAC for information on how to make this happen!

What is going on in town this weekend for families?

What are the before and after school care options in town?

Where can we find kid-friendly bike routes in town?Father Teaching Daughter To Ride Bike In Garden

Does Mansfield have support in place for English as a second language?

What elementary school will my child be attending?