Free Webinar: Raising Happy Children: Parenting for Optimism and Resilience

Free Webinar: Raising Happy Children: Parenting for Optimism and Resilience

December 18, 2017 @ 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm

Mansfield families and professionals have access to this free service from Peace at Home Parenting through the end of December using our Mansfield Youth Services subscription code “FallMember2017”. Register for a live class or go back and watch one you might have missed.

Live Online Parenting Classes

While temperament is inborn, parents can actually help children increase optimism (positive outlook and hopefulness) and resilience (ability to effectively bounce back from challenges). These capacities are strongly connected to well-being and success. During this live, online class, you will examine your day-to-day interactions and consider approaches that will increase these important traits in yourself and your children.

This class is designed for parents of children ages 2 – 12.

Following the class you will be invited to join our private Facebook group in which you will have access to a community of caring parents like you, working to apply new parenting approaches. Our Peace At Home Parenting Facebook community will be a place to share challenges and successes. You will also have ongoing regular contact with Ruth Freeman, webinar trainer, through the Facebook community.

In addition, you will receive access to free monthly “Question and Answer” sessions in which you will be coached in applying the skills you learned in Peace at Home webinars and again you will connect with other parents working to improve skills.

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