Horsebarn Hill:UCONN

This beautiful part of campus is home to UConn’s agricultural programs. Kids can watch sheep, horses, and cows and even see babies in the spring! http://animalscience.uconn.edu/visitors/tour.php

Ballard Institute of Puppetry Puppet Museum: Located in Storrs Center, this unique museum offers a peek at UConn’s prestigious puppetry program. Kids can take in a puppet show and see special exhibits featuring puppets of all sorts. http://bimp.uconn.edu/

The UConn Dairy Bar: UConn’s own delicious ice cream! Sit inside and see the machinery or enjoy an afternoon treat at the picnic tables. http://dining.uconn.edu/uconn-dairy-bar/

The William Benton Museum of Art, UConn: http://benton.uconn.edu/. A small, manageable art museum with an impressive permanent collection. Occasional events for kids, check the website!

The Connecticut State Museum of Natural History: The exhibits at this museum focus on the environment and the way in which people interact with it. Come learn about different habitats and the animals that live there, archaeology, and much more. http://www.cac.uconn.edu/